If we had asked 100 Romanians 10 years ago what they prefer, a subscription or a PrePay card, at least 90 of them would have chosen the subscription. Well, times are changing at a more than galloping pace and today, the statistics have completely reversed. You can hardly find people today willing to stick with a 24-month subscription, most Romanians prefer the freedom that the PrePay card offers. 

One of the main reasons why subscriptions used to be popular in the past was the continuity of service. As long as you paid your subscription on time, the benefits were active. For some, it was a much easier way to use mobile telephony this way than worrying about minutes running out. Until recently, if you wanted a top-up for your PrePay card, you had to go to the nearest operator's point of sale. 

Well, today those who want to top up their PrePay cards can do it online, via the platform, simply, quickly, from the comfort of their own home, without having to waste time on the road, without having to worry about expired minutes at midnight and their phone becoming practically inoperable. This portal is one of the main reasons why a massive migration from the subscription area to the PrePay area has started in Romania in the last 10 years. The biggest drawback of the PrePay card has been practically eliminated. 

9 reasons to top up your PrePay card via

1. Regardless of the operator, you can top up your PrePay card with minutes or credit. is a portal for all PrePay card holders in Romania: Orange, Vodafone or Telekom. This portal is particularly beneficial for dual-sim card holders, who can reload their cards very quickly from the same place. 

2. The portal is open 24 hours a day. It doesn't matter when your benefits expire. Even at midnight you can buy a Vodafone, Orange or Telekom top-up via from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a bank card with the RON value of the e-recharge you want to buy. 

3. The steps involved in reloading are simple. All you have to do is choose the operator (Vodafone, Orange or Telekom), choose the top-up package, choose the type of top-up, enter the phone number for which you want to top-up and then the e-mail address for billing. 

4. The prices for the e-recharges sold are the same as the prices offered to customers at the Orange, Vodafone or Telekom GSM operators' points of sale. The site does not charge additional fees or commissions. If there are small differences of a few cents, it is only because of currency exchange. 

5. The portal has been on the market for more than 10 years, which means it is a reliable site. Those who deal in shady stuff don't manage to stay in a market as volatile as Romania for more than 1-2 years. Long experience in the Romanian market means both reliability and respect for the customer. 

6. The reloading process takes very little time. From the moment you start entering the necessary purchase data until you receive the SMS announcing the benefits, it takes maximum 3 minutes. is the fastest portal for purchasing Vodafone, Orange and Telekom top-ups in Romania. 

7. It is not necessary to create a customer account on the site. This is one of the reasons why the e-recharge process takes maximum 2-3 minutes, steps that are not necessarily necessary are eliminated. 

8. The level of security is very high. Transactions are 100% encrypted so there's zero chance of your bank details getting into the wrong hands and ending up with your money drained from your account. 

9. Personal data stays personal. No one will sell this data to others for money as unfortunately happens on other sites, where we are also asked to enter our phone number in the forms.

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