- over 13 years experience in the field of PrePay top-ups - over 13 years in the field of PrePay top-ups

Anyone who needs a Vodafone, Telekom, or Orange top-up nowadays can purchase it online from the comfort of their home as long as they have a stable internet connection on their phone, tablet, laptop, or PC, and of course, have enough money on their card to complete the transaction they want. The internet has changed the times we have lived in from the ground up and is still changing them, it still has the power to make our lives easier since it has become a perfect medium for commerce, especially combined with the concept called automation. 

Let's talk a bit about the platform is the perfect example of a revolutionary digital solution, helped by the evolution of the internet and the advanced level that automation has reached today. It is a platform for purchasing PrePay top-ups for Orange, Vodafone, and Telekom cardholders and comes today with services that would not have been possible 15-20 years ago. For example, many years ago, if our PrePay card benefits expired, what options did we have for recharging? We could go to the nearest (bigger) shop where there were rechargeable cards with fixed amounts, 5 euros, 7 euros, and 10 euros, or we could go to the nearest operator's point of sale, which if we are talking about the countryside, could be hundreds of kilometers away. 

Well, today there is no need for such an effort. With you can buy a Vodafone, Orange, or Telekom top-up from home without having to go anywhere. Purchases can be made from anywhere in the world, as long as we have a stable internet connection and money on the card. 

See how the internet has helped in this? 

Or rather the development of the internet has gone hand in hand with the automation of digital services. For example, because of advanced automation, through you can buy reload codes in 2 minutes maximum, I know it seems like an incredible time but this is development. 

Why can PrePay top-ups be purchased so quickly via 

Well, the concept is very well thought out, the customer does not need an account on the site and this speeds up the sales process a lot. The customer just needs to fill in the table on the first page, i.e. choose the mobile operator, choose the top-up package, the type of top-up, enter the phone number to be topped up, and the e-mail address to which the invoice will be sent. Afterward, they have to make the payment as for any other online purchase, a process that today takes a maximum of a few seconds since we all have our bank details saved in Chrome, or whatever browser we use to browse the internet. 

The platform comes with a revolutionary service for legal entities, namely the scheduled reload service. It's a service that helps businesses use much cheaper PrePay cards on a subscription basis. This service works quite simply, all the cards in the company can be loaded at the same time via an order table that will be sent to the portal, and after payment of the invoice, all the cards in the company will be reloaded within minutes. This way, no one in the company has to spend time manually recharging dozens, maybe hundreds of cards, just fill in a table with phone numbers, operators, and recharging value, and the job is done, no more expensive business subscriptions in a recession. 

This is how has been holding its own in the market for more than 13 years - innovation, respect for the customer, focus on solving potential customers' problems, very good prices for the services offered, even FREE if we are talking about those electronic recharging services for companies.

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