What is re-incarcare.ro?

Re-incarcare.ro is a safe and rapid mobile prepaid card recharge service for the main mobile operators in Romania Vodafone, Orange and Telekom (ex.Cosmote)

How to purchase mobile prepay credit on re-incarcare.ro?

In order to online recharge, you need to access the first page http://www.re-incarcare.ro/
You will find a graphic mobile phone fill-in form. First you have to select the mobile network to which the prepay card you want to recharge is assigned: Vodafone, Orange or Telekom (ex. Cosmote)
1. Next  you have to choose which recharge package you want. For those with the PIN in the end, you'll receive on you email a voucher with the PIN code  and by following the instructions below you will have to type on your phone; to those without the PIN, the recharge service will be fulfilled directly by the operator itself.
2. On the second row you'll have to select the type of recharge - the amount you want to recharge or the minutes, according to what you chose on the first row.
3. Third row is for the prepaid number you want to recharge. Next, your email address.
At the end, check the "Terms and condition accept" then click on the "re-incarca" green button.

Follow these steps and you'll be sent to the confirmation page.
That page will resume your information:  telephone number, email address, mobile network, the amount you want to recharge and the two product coordinates: package and type.

If all data is correct, click the PAY button, which will send you to the epayment processor's secure page. Follow the instructions and everything should flow rapidly. The recharge procedure should be confirmed usually instantly; you will receive on your email the order and payment confirmation.

When it's over, the message ORDER COMPLETED! THANK YOU! will appear on the screen. If you have any trouble with the process or receive none of the confirmation emails, please contact as soon as possible the Support Service on Re-incarcare.ro. One of our operator will shortly get in touch of you to offer more details on your order or to assist you.

How long does it take?

Not more than 2-3 minutes.

How much until I receive the PIN code?

Usually, the electronic recharge code is delivered immediately

If I receive another message than "ORDER COMPLETED! THANK YOU!"

  • the message "SORRY! YOUR ORDER HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED" marks that an error on the epayment module has encountered an issue, either from technical reasons, crowded system, disrupted internet connection or third party reasons.
  • he message "SORRY! YOUR ORDER HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED. ERROR ON ORDER PROCESSING" marks an issue on the mobile product deliverer. Wait a few minutes, then retry or contact the Support Service Department at the address suport @ re-incarcare.ro

How do I found out if the mobile prepay card has been recharged?

Re-incarcare.ro offers two methods of recharging :direct (to which you will receive an SMS on the mobile phone) or with PIN code (which you personally have to type by following the instructions on the voucher. For further checking:  -Vodafone - free of charge *222
                                                                                    -Orange - free of charge *133#
                                                                                    -Telekom (ex Cosmote) - free of charge 1234

What if I have not received the PIN code or the credit

-          If you use a yahoo email address, take note that most of the times, the confirmation emails will directly go to BULK or SPAM folders;
-          New not actived mobile prepay cards from TELEKOM (ex Cosmote) shall be initially actived only from the network provider itself or from physical shops. So activate the card from the shop with minimum credit and recharge it online whenever you desire with the rest of the amount.
-          Orange network mobile provider won't allow two consecutive recharge orders of the same prepaid card within 10 minutes. So wait at least 10 minutes before you proceed with the second order. Ask for help at suport@re-incarcare.ro whenever you need it.
Often, the network mobile providers operate updates, which emplies certain delays, generally just a few minutes, on the delivery of the product selected. Wait half an hour then recheck.
-          Some of the customers don't pay attention to the product they selected; thinking they chose a direct recharge product, customers checked for a PIN code recharge and obviously never check the email to see the voucher. So pay attention at the order coordinates.

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